OFF-Track Repair

Off-Track Doors and What They Are A door that is not on the track is called an off-track door. There are many different types of doors that can be off-track. Examples are sliding doors, swinging doors, bi-fold doors and garage doors. Off-track sliding doors can cause a lot of problems for those who use them. […]

Emergency Services

EMERGENCY SERVICE IN Mukilteo, WA If something has gone wrong, please call us now! We are here to help and the sooner any damage that you facing with your garage door, We can repair them before anything will be more serious. Garage doors are heavy, mechanical objects and, if left unrepaired, they can be a […]

Cables Repair & Replacement

Why Garage Door Cables Need to Be Replaced and How Often? Garage door cables are metal wires that attach to a garage door opener to lift and lower the door. Over time, these cables stretch and break, which can lead to garage door failure. Garage door cables need to be replaced every 30-50 years. Why […]